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Unframed Lives at the Guardian University Awards

A project by: Bruno De Oliveira



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This project received pledges on Thu 30 Jan 2020
Unframed lives explored experiences of homelessness as part of photo-elicitation exhibition.

A short summary of my project

I'm raising £278 to enter my doctoral thesis- 'Unframed Lives' at Guardian University Awards under the research impact category. Using participatory methods, Unframed lives explored at the 2019 Brighton Fringe the experiences of homelessness living under austerity in Brighton as part of photo-elicitation exhibition and panel discussion. The Unframed Lives was part of last year Brighton Fringe. Award 2019 Shortlisted: The Brighton Fringe Visual Arts Award in Association with Artist Open Houses.

Who I am

I'm Bruno! A PhD researcher investigating the impacts of welfare reforms on homeless people in Brighton through participatory methods. My interest started after a relationship breakdown where I found myself couch surfing for a while as I was studying full-time and working part-time.

This award is very important to me and the people involved in this project because it engages with an interesting question: How can people with lived experience of homelessness actively participate in contesting their marginalisation? The purpose of this project is to suggest that involving people who are homeless in participatory action research (PAR) is one such strategy. 

For more information on the research, please see the links below:






My story

I'm doing this to share the power of participatory research to bring the local community together into dialogue. While small, this study highlights how research can be used not only as a tool for knowledge creation, but also in-and-of-itself as a space for empowerment. By supporting this project, you will be helping to create more visibility about the lived-experiences of the photographers and the research. 

Where will the money go?

The money will go solely to pay for the entry for the Award.

Help me succeed!

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