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Great walking Lorraine for a wonderful project, I'm inspired by your generosity

May’s walking total is for covering a distance of 220 km. The sight of hundreds of bluebells has been magnificent. Hoping for more sunshine in June.

I have just donated £25 but the automated response refers ro £1 ! Also, I would like to set up a monthly donation by direct debit but the site seems to allow only quarterly or annual regular gifts. Could you advise please?

I made my donation in support of every child in Malagiri, Lorraine's fund raising walks, the hours of work given by so many, and in memory of my lovely brother-in-law. On behalf of me and my daughter Luisa-Christie. £200 happily donated. Simone 🙏🏻

So thrilled this project can be sustained by the School of Education at Brighton University. A very special legacy of Kevin Fossey’s commitment, supported by family and colleagues.

I have donated £50 on behalf of a friend who, some years ago, spent time trekking in the foothills of the Himalaya. He has been involved in education for many years and is committed to supporting the life chances of young people.

April has been a great walking month and I have managed a total distance of 248km. Given the serious situation in Nepal at the moment, my decision to raise money for the school feels even more important than it did when I first started! I have donated a total of £45 this month as a dear friend of mine, who has an enduring commitment to education and a great love for children and young people whatever their circumstances, has just sent a contribution too. Thank you.

I have added this generous donation on behalf of a dear friend and former colleague from Guernsey, Janine King. Janine has been following my progress during the monthly walks and her donation will definitely encourage me to keep going. Many thanks for your support Janine.

This donation is to sponsor the 230km that Lorraine Harrison walked for Malagiri during March 2021. Thanks for all your enthusiasm Lorraine !

Today I have donated £23 because I have walked 230km during the month of March. Next month's walks will coincide with the school's 10th Anniversary, so I am hoping that I can raise a record amount to celebrate.

I have recently heard about the Malagiri school and am very interested in the school and the difference it makes to the children who attend and their families.

During the month of February, I walked a total of 196KM. This month’s walks involved navigation through snow, ice and then rather a lot of rain. The final few days, however, allowed me to enjoy beautiful sunshine and see small glimpses of Spring appearing.

Today I have donated £44 to sponsor Lorraine's January walking - this is 20p per km. I'll do the same in February Lorraine hope this encourages you! Thanks for everything you do for the children of Malagiri.

I have just donated £22 to support the Malagiri project. I wanted to combine my attempts to keep fit with a little fundraising project. I have decided to donate 10p for every KM I walk. In January, I walked a total of 221 KM, so I have just made a donation of £22. I intend to make the next donation at the end of February. Lorraine Harrison

This donation was made on behalf of Jean Davies.

We have been delighted at Pangdean to be a part of fund raising events for this very special place and feel particularly aware of other people's struggles during this very challenging time. We therefore wanted to give a donation which seems to cover 3 children for a year of food whilst at school, their uniform and there stationary needs. With very best wishes for the future of Malagiri School .

Just listened to Kevin's desert island discs. It prompted me to donate.

Donated on behalf of Steve and Heather

Donated on behalf of Wendy and John

Memories of Kevin raising funds for Malagiri School

Good luck to the giggers!

Remembering dearest Kevin and all he achieved in 65 years