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Film Cries Festival

A project by: Luca Gamberini



from 14 donors

This project received pledges on Sat 15 Feb 2020
Brighton's promising filmmakers award show.

The festival

Every year, students of the School of Media at the University of Brighton produce of a plethora of short films and it is our duty, as a culture-rich community, to showcase and encourage the talent emerging from the promising students of Brighton. This year is no different, however we want this to be even bigger and better than any other, as a way of saying thank you to everybody who attends and to show support for local artists. This May, at a local picture-house, this fantastic event will occur and Brighton will not know what's hit it! 

Why are we doing this?

A yearly film festival for the students of the School of Media at the UoB takes place, but we want to expand it. The aim is to change 'The Digital Film End of Year Festival' to a more inclusive event that encompasses everybody, not just the students. In a city full of arts and culture it would seem selfish to hold a festival promoting the promising young filmmakers and not invite anybody else,so it is with this that Film Cries will expand the festival's audience and encourage more to experience a night of exuberant short film productions. 

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? It will be with help from lovely donors like you. To throw the best film festival in the world will unfortunately incur some steep costs and without your help this beautiful exhibition tradition may well come to an end.

Who are we?

All great things need a great team behind them, and with that our crack hot team of organisers have everything covered: Luca Gamberini, Alice Giraudi, Julia Jalyschko and Chandler Thornber are all creative digital film students eager to put on a show. Just the four of them are working hard on delivering the most extravagantly exciting film festival, and who better to trust to bring Brighton's promising filmmakers' awards show to life than four of Brighton's young filmmakers? 

What the donations will help;

The venue: One of the most important parts about the experience is a good cinema to screen the films in, unfortunately this is also the most expensive part. Around 500 - 600 pounds of donation will help accost the venue.

Food (& drink): Where's the party without food and drink? We want our guests to be satisfied, not only by the quality of up-and-coming filmmakers' productions but also by genuinely enjoyable night and how best to accommodate them with a full belly and delicious wines.

Printing: Promotion and programmes need printing for the night. The programme will include also a print of the festival's vibrant poster for guests to remember what a fantastic time they had at (objectively) the best film festival ever made.

A few extra things: The winners need to know that they've won and so your lovely funding will go toward decent prizes and awards for them. As well as this, we hope to hire a photographer to capture their faces as they receive their awards (wow!).

Every penny makes this festival even more incredible.

Thank you and see you there!