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Active Hearts - Cardiac Rehabilitation

A project by: Taylor Pierce



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This project received pledges on Thu 15 Apr 2021
Help us fundraise to provide community support for those needing Specialist Cardiac Rehabilitation

A short summary of our project

Members of the Active Hearts Cardiac Rehabilitation team are completing 15,000 steps a day, for 15 days to raise funds to be able to continue to support the community.

Who we are

There are 6 members of the team, ranging from lecturers, current students and Alumni.

Louisa Beale - The programme lead

Chris Butler - Lead Instructor

Sabrina Joshua - Lead Instructor

Ellie Noble - Instructor

Flyn Hutchinson - Instructor

Taylor Pierce - Instructor

All members of the team possess a BACPR Level 4 specialist exercise instructor in cardiac rehabilitation and prevention.

our story

  • What are we doing and why?

We are completing a challenge to raise funds to be able to offer a vital service to the community, providing structured exercise sessions and support to those who have experienced a variety of cardiac events. 

  • Why is this important to us?

It is important for us to be able to provide this service. We are all passionate about health, wellbeing and exercise, and the opportunity to provide a strong, social support network for people who have experienced a cardiac event in their life.

  • Why should it be important to you? What impact will your support have?

By supporting us, you are supporting vulnerable people who need additional, non-clinical support after experiencing a cardiac related issue. You will also be providing the ability for us, and other students to learn and have hands on experience in a real life setting, aiding people with real cardiac problems in our community. 

How does your support help?

The funds raised will contribute to the annual running costs of the Active Hearts programme. Your support will allow Active Hearts to continue to support those in the local community (approx. 40 per year) with heart disease to improve their health and well-being through physical activity. Individuals with heart disease benefit from an affordable exercise programme that meets national and international guidelines for best practice. The Active Hearts programme will also continue to support teaching and learning at the University.

Where does your money go?

£15 - pays for a 1-1 consultation and initial assessment for a client

£20 - pays for 1 instructor to run a whole class for an hour

all other funds will be used for equipment, facilities and further training for staff.

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Keep up to date with our challenge, and our programme on our Facebook page!

Help us succeed!

Our challenge was chosen to not only challenge the 6 members of the team, but also to get as many people involved as possible. We would really appreciate those who are willing and able to join us in achieving as many steps as you can. You can tell us your steps along the way and we will collate this data and combine it for an overall total at the end of the challenge!

If you’re not able to donate, please share the project! That goes a long way to helping us.