Student Potential Fund

A project by: University of Brighton

Supporting students at Brighton before, during and beyond university life.

Student Potential Fund

Moving to online teaching during the pandemic showed us that digital inclusivity and the absence of access to practical, but essential, things like laptops, health worker clothing, art materials, specialist software, travel to placements, books and reliable internet connection, can have a significant impact on a student’s opportunity to succeed.

We supported this initially through our COVID-19 Student Fund.

Now, as we plan for a mixed online and in person approach to teaching in the autumn, the university is working hard to support all of our students. However, we have a particular need to support students who don’t have access to these practical everyday things – and that they will now have limited access to on campus.

Our main fundraising need is to aid digital inclusivity and practical learning resources to help get students up and running in the new term.

Here are some examples of the types of costs students have to cover:

• £30 a month for unlimited data connectivity

• £34 for a course book

• £45 sets up a creative student with drawing materials

• £60 for comfortable/wipable shoes for a student nurse, midwife or paramedic

• £75 pays for a starter pack for a care leaver entering Halls of Residence

• £100 for one month of travel for a local placement

• £136 a week for rent in Halls of Residence, self-catering

• £200 buys a basic laptop that gives access to online seminars

• £204 pays for one weeks childcare for a student parent

• £460 covers one months rent in shared house

• £750 buys a laptop that fully supports a student’s learning throughout their studies

Any donation you give, will make a difference to a student at the University of Brighton.

Longer term, we are launching the Student Potential Fund that puts students at the heart of gift giving by focusing on three priorities:

• BEFORE THEY JOIN US: Create a scholarship programme for talented students who experience barriers to education.

• DURING THEIR STUDIES: Enabling students to fully participate in their university life. Continue to provide crowdfunding for societies and academic projects (right here on Springboard). Invest in our mental health and wellbeing services by creating a new Wellbeing Peer Ambassadors programme.

• BEYOND UNIVERSITY LIFE: Students can develop employability and entrepreneurial skills via our Careers Service that offers business grants, the BeePurple Ideas Competition, placements, and an entrepreneurship incubator. All of which require philanthropic donations to grow.

We will be sharing more details about these programmes in the autumn.

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