Support Brighton students in this time of uncertainty

Our work lives and social lives are changing dramatically. For our students, the way they are learning has also shifted to ensure we can continue to deliver courses via remote learning platforms. This will undoubtedly be a scary time for students, particularly if they live far from home. We anticipate that some students may be particularly hard hit by the effects of the Coronavirus. 

Our students, particularly those in the midst of studying for exams, writing for their dissertations or unable to continue with placements, are faced with a great deal of uncertainty. While the University is putting in place arrangements to support our students to progress and graduate, at present, this is a particularly unsettling time for our students who feel their futures are on hold.

Marnie Middlemiss, Director of Philanthropy & Alumni Engagement said: “This new Student Fund, which is part of our existing hardship provision, is a vital part in providing support to our NHS and health care professional students, including social workers, midwives, paramedics and nurses, who are entering the NHS frontline early. They need access to funds for travel and to help them help the communities they need to support during this crisis. In addition, we are also concerned for our students who work in the hospitality and events sector, and those who have zero-hour contracts. As a university that puts our students at the heart of everything we do, we’re calling on our University community to support these students during this unprecedented time.”

Professor Debra Humphris, Vice-Chancellor of the University said: “With many of our Health Sciences students coming forward to signal their willingness to volunteer and work on the frontline of the NHS during this time of crisis, I have never been more proud to be the Vice-Chancellor of our University. I am in awe of all of our students who will be stepping up to help in this way. Their selflessness in stepping forward is a reminder to us all about the importance of their contribution to the values of our community. Help them reach the people and communities they need to most by supporting this vital Student Fund.”

How your support makes a difference

This is a time when students will need extra support that will make a real impactful difference.

Consider contributing to the Student Fund to get additional help to those students in particularly challenging personal situations and to get behind those stepping up to help the NHS and social care system.  

If this is something you are able to contribute to, even the cost of your daily coffee or weekly commute, please donate.

This Student Fund is in addition to the existing programme of support for students at the University of Brighton. It provides a fund for practical needs during this time of crisis. If you know of a student who may be in need of extra support at this time, please direct them to the Student Advice Team at


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